Reschedule Advance Booking With Deposit

Processing Time: 1 Day

Processing Fee: Not Applicable


In case of a no-show on the visiting date, please consider your permit as expired.

"By purchasing this permit I accept to have read the terms and conditions of the park indemnity agreement".

Download: Volcanoes Indemnity Agreement

Download: GMNP Indemnity Agreement

I Accept Indemnity Agreement

This service is available only to RTTA Agents and is applicable to Gorilla Tracking product. This service enables RTTA agents to postpone or prepone advanced bookings with deposits, so that Permits can be confirmed at a date where Agents are sure to get Tourists.
Note: There is no fee charged for this service.
Rescheduling is possible 30 days or more prior to the advance booked visit date. Advanced booked permit will expire if it is not rescheduled on time. RDB accepts no liability for losses incurred by RTTA Agents who do not reschedule their advanced booked permits on time.